At first glance, Tanlines’ aggregation of “compilation tracks, long deleted singles and remixes” don’t do much to whet the appetite. I mean, things get deleted for a reason, right? Not content with releasing your average EP, ‘Volume One’ is the lengthy lead in before Tanlines drop their proper debut sometime next year. Still with Young Turks, XL and Kitsune involved in previous releases, and having roped in Glasser and The Rapture’s chief yelper, Luke Jenner, there are some healthy reference points on what is a likeable first offering. Varied, diverse and often accomplished, Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm skip, slide and shake us through a world of understated tribal rhythms, playful pop, busy bongos and feather-light synth. It’s not immediately arresting but if these are some of the offcuts, we’re keen to hear the real deal.

By Reef Younis

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