Anyone who’s ever seen these guys play knows that Teeth of the Sea are one of the best bands in London at the moment, and undoubtedly the most intrepid psychedelic band in the UK. If their debut LP, ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ was a testament to the former, ‘Your Mercury’ is a towering case in point on both fronts. This is a colossus of an album, with an unfathomable sonic wingspan, seamlessly soaring through forty-five minutes of apocalyptic euphoria, and finely tuned to scramble even the most coherent synapses. All sounds are heightened, each aural nuance is striking and vivid; soundscapes screened in Technicolor.

Schizophrenic samples insinuate themselves like acid flashbacks amidst glowering synth tolls and cosmic rays of trumpet blast, while foreboding drum beats charge the roiling atmosphere. Breathless guitar riffs ride the avant-rock torrents with absurd agility, lifting the journey from highly evocative travelogue to full-blown space odyssey that you’ll wish would last at least forty-five minutes more.

By Polly Rappaport

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