The much admired but not widely known Concretes have adopted a disco feel for their sixth (!) album ‘WYWH’. Not the way Calvin Harris does disco, but more like how Jamie Liddell and Roisin Murphy do it, in a much more engaging manner. There’s a subtle build to most of the tracks, each one casually nagging away in your head until it creates a pulsating rhythm and foot-tapping refrain. The standout ‘My Ways’ is one of the best examples of elegant dance pop you’ll ever hear, like something from ‘Debut’ era Bjork, it’s articulate and vivacious. Much like Metronomy or Ladytron, this is dance music that sounds better at home than on the dancefloor. And, as is the case with those artists, that’s far from a fault. It’s music to be appreciated; to be really listened to and loved. ‘WYWH’ is a lovely oxymoron – a cultured disco record.

By Tom Goodwyn

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