The Fresh & Onlys are from California, and the opening song of their debut album is called ‘Summer Of Love’, but don’t break out the Beach Boys comparisons just yet – this opening volley, for a start, sounds like The Stone Roses playing a Doors song at the bottom of a swimming pool. Yes, it’s a record suffused with jangly melody, and it has a distinctly vintage sound in terms of both instrumentation and production, but there’s a lot more here. Standout tune ‘Waterfall’ has an infectious bass hook and some classic, simple solos, while the cowboy pop of ‘Until The End Of Time’ recalls Calexico. The songs come thick and fast – sweet, simple hits of melody with rough edges; the first half of ‘Play It Strange’ hooks you in, while the second half hypnotises you with some woozy vibrations. Play it lots.

By Chris Watkeys

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