Live Review
Tweak Bird
The Albert

Where drum and guitar duos were once a simple but oddly occurring occurrence, of late their increase in numbers has steadily risen to the point that what was once unique has now been thoroughly muted by its commonness. Tonight in the small confines of the Albert it would be typical to expect bass and drum duo Tweakbird to pull out a brace of riff-heavy, gnarly spirited dirty rock songs that feature enough low end action to cause the walls to positively vibrate and viciously unfurl them upon a largely expecting audience. Yet this Canadian duo see fit to throw a slight curve ball into proceedings and the unexpected addition of a saxophone player on this tour adds a different texture and alters the mood of all the songs at their disposal.

Rather than offer us a carbon copy of their recorded output, they have reinvented their tracks and, at times, it’s as if their ears have been hell bent on digesting old Stooges records and offering an updated free-spirited version, which helps pull them out from sinking into the murky depths of un-frilled stripped down basic rock’n’roll tradition. Yet whatever incarnation of Tweakbird is on offer, there is the guarantee that it will at least be interesting.

By Nathan Westley


Originally published in issue 23 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2010