Live Review
The Scala, Kings Cross

So much for needing time with Warpaint to ‘get’ their intelligent brand of psychedelic, scornful rock. The Scala is full to capacity and the band’s debut album only came out three days ago. Perhaps everyone here is an old fan. Perhaps this is a mass congregation of the eight-hundred people who bought the band’s ‘Exquisite Corpse’ EP in 2009 and have been learning its words ever since. It’s actually pretty likely – old, nearly-rapped tracks like ‘Beetles’ and the closing lullaby of ‘Billie Holiday’, which gently sighs to the sound of The Supremes’ ‘My Guy’, are very nearly as well received as recent single ‘Undertow’, but it is those songs that make up new album ‘The Fool’ that really impress. They’re just all played so seductively, by a band of girls attractive and captivating for their gang mentality rather than their body parts.

Smiling and waving, they’re clearly pleased to be here, and just as comfortable. When the bass conks out through the mathy ‘Composure’, Emily Kokal covers by panting over a two-minute drum solo; when Jenny is overly eager when it comes to her ‘Billie Holiday’ cue, the band couldn’t seem less bothered, and so neither are we. When the songs are as good as these, Warpaint can do no wrong, even when they do.

By Danny Canter


Originally published in issue 23 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2010