Cold In Berlin’s debut album kicks off with ‘God I Love You’ – a punk-disco assault with a careening, high-hat-heavy drumbeat and stabbing riffs. And although that sound not too original, ‘Give Me Walls’ never slows down, never takes a breath with a slow number, and, as leading lady Maya relentlessly shrieks with the sporadic harshness of Chrome Hoof’s Lola Olafisoye, this record feels far from just another prickly indie dance album. Despite her huge lungs Maya is actually a petite, short-haired sylph who throws her svelte limbs manically around live stages showcasing her bizarre lyrics, like on ‘Total Fear’ when she sings, “open wide/let’s crack your rib cage/I will twist and slip inside”. By combining catchy pop qualities with a hard edge, Cold In Berlin are like a meaner and scarier Be Your Own Pet, which is a good thing.

By Danielle Goldstein

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