This pretentiously named album eases you in with the two-minute, vocal-less, atmospheric build-up of ‘The Void and Fancy Free’, but the first number to really slap you in the face and get you listening is ‘The Body Electric’, which is a pleasantly synth-laden, erratically jumping electro track that melds almost unnoticeably into the multi-blips of ‘Broken Heart’ and its vocoder vocals. The two Milwaukee-born brothers, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, have essentially made an album of average indietronic pop tunes that Her Space Holiday was doing ten years ago.

From track four onwards it’s a slow stroll downhill. The plinky-plonk of ‘Antarctica / The Decision’ is barely audible, while ‘The Cantor Meets the Alien’ resembles sombre jazzy muzak. Thank your lucky stars this isn’t the infinite music of FHR, but with the majority of it taking on a plod-along tempo it certainly feels it.

DK Goldstein

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