Operating under the moniker of Gregory and The Hawk, Meredith Godreau has inspired many tortured teenage souls to sling on their acoustics and cover songs from her 2006 ‘Boats and Birds’ EP, littering You tube with their wide-eyed and desperately tuneless attempts.

‘Leche’ is more grown-up affair with strings and delicate tabula rasa plucking giving ‘Landscapes’ an elegant Japanese quality. Though her lisping vocals may be too sweet in places the gentle sounds wash over into a dream like hum. There’s a cold sparseness to the music that counteracts the sometimes cloying positivity, besides ‘A Century Is All We Need’ is so darn pretty you’ll want to loop it constantly. Like the soundtrack to the best film you haven’t seen yet it dips and swells in perfect time.

Providing a jolt of drums beats ‘Leaves’ provides a kick start when things become too sleep inducing. This has sublime moments but it’s still not quite the best Gregory and The Hawk has to give.

Kate Parkin

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