Deciding to write a “party record” is in the same league as planning to be spontaneous: the people who do things like that are also the least appropriate types to do a good job. And so to Not Squares – even their name suggests they might be trying a bit too hard – a Belfast rabble who, not content with the legendary Northern Irish craic, decided that their hometown was missing a party band. The first couple of minutes of ‘Yeah OK’ start promisingly, with nicely banging techno building up and breaking down. But then an overly wacky German accent intervenes, imploring us to “release the bees”, and the LP never really recovers. The beer-friendly big-beat that follows suggests this is probably a hoot at 2am in a sweaty Belfast pub, but on record there’s a pretty distinct whiff of desperation. Party on? Party off.

– Sam Walton

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