Some problems with reissuing a ridiculously obscure cult album: For starters, there are those of us who wouldn’t join the cult in question even if we had a beefy French bondage gimp encouraging us at gunpoint; and for another, what if the members of said cult only joined because they heard the title track on a compilation? I mean, what if they find out that track is one of Mark Ronson’s “favourite songs ever”? Or discover that ironic umlaut usage was never cool, even in 1985? However! If vintage European synth pop is your bag, French Kraftwerk impressions and creepily twee cold wave are playlist staples – hell, even if you like the idea of a migraine-inducing Pere Ubu remix, snap this baby up. You never know, an 80’s revival has been fast on the rise throughout 2010 and this could soon be the new sound of Dalston.

By Polly Rappaport

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