Way back in 2002, Detroit blues band The Sights got lumped in with The White Stripes, The Vines, The Hives and any other guitar band that semi-resembled The Strokes through a squinting, iffy eye. It was insulting…to everyone other than the band themselves who managed to make even The Datsuns seem revolutionary. To their credit, they’ve stuck at it for nine years since; against their credit, they’ve now delivered ‘Most of What Follows…’ – a record that feels nine more years out of date than their last. Phrases like “I’m gonna have me some fun,” on the Elton-John-plays-‘Rockin’-All-Over-The-World’-esque ‘Hello to Everybody’ do little to prevent this record from sounding like a collection of songs that nearly made the School of Rock soundtrack while the ballads pilfer Wings, ‘Guilty’ mugs ‘Foxy Lady’ and the unoriginality honky tonks on.

Stuart Stubbs

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