Live Review
Tokyo Police Club

Since 2006’s ‘A Lesson In Crime’ EP Canadian quartet Tokyo Police Club have been purveyors of the finest short and sweet garage pop, with emphasis on the sweet. Tonight’s set is a sugar rush of three-minute gems from their two-album, one EP selection box. From the relentless energy of early singles ‘Nature of the Experiment’ and ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’, through ‘Box’’s chugging bass and sugar-coated synth to the lilting rhythm and totally tropical flavour of ‘Gone’, it’s a mixed bag of treats that never gets sickly.

Strained metaphors aside, there’s a free-spirited innocence in TPC’s music that, through extensive touring experience and evidenced in latest album ‘Champ,’ has been refined to something much more mature, recalling early Strokes without the jaded cynicism, or ‘Blue Album’-era Weezer (a comparison brought about by a stellar encore cover of ‘My Name Is Jonas’). The playground lyrics of ‘Favourite Colour’ and hook-laden, summertime pop number ‘Wait Up (Boots of Danger)’ maintain that innocence without being naïve, while ‘Breakneck Speed’, with its singing harmonic guitars, possesses near-stadium grandeur that highlights a coming-of-age while still hinting at the rich potential they are yet to realise. And it’s guaranteed to leave a good taste in the mouth.

By Phil Dixon


Originally published in issue 23 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2010