Surrealist Parisians may well have been ten-a-penny in the 1930s, but modern day ones don’t come much weirder than Turzi. Their new album ‘B’ comes after 2007 debut, you’ve guessed it alphabet fans, ‘A’. Claiming Air and Primal Screams Bobby Gillespie as fans their style runs the gamut of electro styles, from the dreamy Running Man synthetic landscapes of ‘Buenos Aires’ to the gothic distortions of ‘Bangkok’.

By no means easy-listening Turzi assail your ears from all angles with Led Zeppelin inspired guitars and noises dredged up from the impending apocalypse. More upbeat and with a touch of Africa Shox, is ‘Baltimore’, featuring the vocal mumblings of Bobby Gillespie. It’s stereotypical and slightly dull, deadening the impact of the industrial noise that follows. With the tripped out strains of Brigitte Fontaine the journey into the subconscious ends. Turzi’s minds must be a very strange place to be, and only the brave should dare enter.

DK Goldstein

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