Harrys Gym sounds like it should be the name of a disco act that tours the grotty nightclubs of middle America, singing songs with implied over muscularity and bad innuendo. What they actually are is a Norwegian quartet who make music that could be very loosely described as ethereal pop. Their second album is built around the constant barrage of clattering drums, with choruses and melodies subtlety worked in around the din. Singer Anne Lise Frokedal has a vocal delivery not unlike Holly Miranda’s and Natasha Khan’s, but she allows it to be a lot more dominating over the instrumentation. Musically, the tracks vary between the echoey pop of ‘Old Man’ and ‘No Hero’ and straight-up rock’n’roll tracks like ‘Mountains.’ As a record, it both draws you in and keeps you at arm’s length, making it a pretty captivating listen.  Very very good.

By Tom Goodwyn

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