Hype Williams is a hyper-nostalgic, ultra-sedated production duo from London who, like everyone else involved in ‘chill-wave’, add forever-young melodies, snickering references, and chemical-dazed inspiration to their low-rent tunes. Hell, look at the name of their debut album, and know that its opener, ‘Rescue Dawn’, starts with an auto-tuned baby cry and ends with an artificially low-toned recounting of favourite Pokémon. There’s not even a glimpse of straight-faced musicology in sight. The songs find life in padded drum, cheesy, space-opera bleeps, and muffled keyboards, but only hen they can actually count as songs, and a few of these tracks hardly can be (‘Untitled’ in particular is bare-bones ambient wankery, supported only by an acoustic drum-loop and a loopy synth-sigh). In an album that’s already only 24 minutes long, that’s not a good sign. ‘Gettin’ Real…’ is all gimmicks and games and not even the few moments of glory can make up for the flimsiness.

By Luke Winkie

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