The first track on La Sera’s debut album is called ‘Been Here Before’, and yes, we certainly have, courtesy of the band’s driving force and bassist, Vivian Girl Katy Goodman, not to mention many dreamy girl bands of late. Like Goodman’s day job, La Sera are a trio who’ve clearly gorged themselves on records that pre-date 1970, and like Vivian Girls, La Sera are proudly simple, which leaves you wondering, why would the bassist form a busman’s holiday of a side project?

‘La Sera’ is a more twee and sweet record than others though (cute where the likes of Dum Dum Girls are sassy), and it’s only occasionally – like on ‘Devils Hearts Grow Old’ – that the band pilfer the now tiring sound of Phil Spector. This album is more innocent than that, and it fittingly dives all the way back to the late 50s. The real issue is just how irritatingly hushed the vocals are.

By Mandy Drake

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