Minks take you deep underground, into a swirling mixture of bleary melody and padded down drums. Like a darkened Beach House, the songs on ‘By The Hedge’ are chilled to delirium, sometimes – like on ‘Indian Ocean’ – reduced to a few twangy guitar elements. The blood does occasionally get pumping (‘Funeral Song’ is a sleepy-eyed jaunt over a rumbling Black Flag-like bass beat) but this is primarily music for meditation – slightly less saccharine than your average gleaming dream pop outfit, but equally placid. Minks spiral downwards instead of upwards.

They shine with a sense of melancholy; the continually bleared-together vocals give a sense of misdirection, anxiety, and doubt. ‘Out of Tune’ begins as a lethargic, summery yawn, and ends turned inside out, the musical elements overlapping into an elliptical nightmare. ‘By The Hedge’ is still a blissy-as-hell excursion in nap-friendly songwriting, but the waters are murkier, the skies less golden, and the subjects more human. It shapes into a serviceable sidestep from their contemporaries.

By Luke Winkie

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