Live Review
The Nest, Dalston

While Plug have always been an impressively patient punk duo in terms of their notoriety, preferring to let people stumble across them rather than self-promoting via Myspace and other social networks, it seems that they’re more hurried in their song writing. Tonight they play just two songs from their recently released debut album, which, considering the Slits-y delivered hip hop highlights of that record, is something of a shame.

Two of the new tracks particularly suggest that Plug have galloped on with good cause, though. One sounds as close to a disco hit – and as far from their drums and bass punk genesis – as this band are likely to get; the other sounds like a the theme to Beverly Hills Cop. Hip Hop influences once replaced Plug’s skeletal guitar sound; now it seems they’re enamoured with dance music and the occasional ravey breakdown that begs for a ten-minute remix. And ultimately it works – enough at least for us to not care that Georgie Nettell is no longer playing the bass guitar with her hands and keyboards simultaneously with her feet, which was always the neatest of party tricks at Plug’s early, non-hip-hop, non-dance performances.

By Danny Canter

Originally published in issue 24 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. December 2010