Live Review
Trophy Wife
XOYO, Old St.

Arguably the blandest bilge to emerge from Oxford’s speckled collective the Blessing Force (musicians that include Fixers and Chad Valley), Trophy Wife are steadily turning heads with their meticulous future-pop. Disco with details is a palatable prospect on record but would their fey nature translate to the XOYO stage?

An initial sugar rush, Trophy Wife’s polished musical talent sprays a Mr Sheen shine over the start of the gig. Effortless melodies delivered with a commercial wink pepper the surprisingly busy venue but it’s devoid of any personality. Only the frantic drummer provides real presence, stood tall and hysterical throughout, his dancing bringing un-intended visceral humour to an otherwise static show. Like a light jog, little flutters the heart as each song segues into the next. A level of decency remains though, and Trophy Wife can still write a killer – ‘Microlite’ dances off the stage with sparkling vibrancy. Still, it’s easy to see them propping up the bar of mediocrity for some time if they don’t find variation to add to their delicate glow.

The band themselves admit to playing ‘ambitionless office disco’ and you can imagine them sound-tracking your boss’ drive to work or filtering out of the tinny radio for the fifth time in a day, commendable but lacklustre.

By Ian Roebuck

Originally published in issue 24 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. December 2010