We’ve all got to pay the bills somehow and Alice Gun – a bewitching, classically trained Bat For Lashes type – does so lending her vocals to anonymous house tracks that you’ve no doubt pilled yourself mad to in some club or other. ‘Blood & Bone’ is more contemplative, full-bodied merlot than mindless straw-pedoed WKD, though. It’s dark and gothic and highly personal; full of deep cello moans and minor chords. The opening ‘Horrible Soul’, which sees Alice scornful of an ex lover, and the following ‘The Swimming’, which sees her turn on herself with the help of some Nick Cave-ish backing vocals, set a telling, troubled tone than never gets much chipper. But misery and anguish for sophisticated music make, and new single ‘Metal Spider’ is particularly beguiling, even if Alice Gun remains less multi-facetted than her peers.

By Stuart Stubbs

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