Live Review
The Warehouse Project

In the kind of logjam typically experienced at festivals, the majority of the WHP was spent futilely trying to free arms; desperately trying to maintain balance and buffet against angry, tousle-haired little nuisances from blindly, insistently and repeatedly barging their way through invisible space. But it wasn’t overcrowding – as always the WHP organisation was largely impeccable – that undermined most of tonight, it was the unfamiliar, sullen air of impatience that characterised the majority of the crowd. Rising above the sweaty agitation, Caribou proved why they’re almost peerless when it comes to explosive live shows.

Billed as Caribou X, their amalgamation of live band dynamics and a thumping re-channelled DJ tweak dispelled much of the vitriol, reducing the crowd to wide-eyed, exultant sky-reachers happy to create just enough space to hit their laconic groove. Playing out the majority of ‘Swim’, an album emphatically designed to be played live, the anthemic repeat of ‘Sun’ is given a new booming resonance; the surround-sound twinkle of ‘Bowls’ almost distracts from the rumbling bass thunder and ‘Niobe’ sings out like it could end the world. Staggering on record; superlative on stage: tonight is confirmation that 2010 was the year of the Caribou.

By Reef Younis

Originally published in issue 24 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. December 2010