There is a sense of ambition and enormity within ‘Mine Is Yours’. It feels big, or certainly like it has big plans. Sadly these plans fail to be executed and instead we are left with a gaping and unoccupied album – like the experience of watching a stadium gig condensed into a recording. Truth be told, the songs hold enough weight and the structures are progressive and uplifting enough to warrant Cold War Kids playing such stadium shows, but ultimately that will only appeal to a certain MOR listener. The echo and treble-ridden guitars are ever-present and evoke U2’s The Edge, which continues to emphasise the grand but vacant ‘Hello Wembley’ associations, but the hardest obstacle to overcome is how difficult it is to work out if you’re listening to Maroon 5 or not, which is a pretty rigid roadblock to try and break through.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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