Something tells us that Ducktails has only been given a second thought by anyone because they are a he, he is a guitarist in a hip, East Coast, technophobic guitar band, that band is called Real Estate, and the music that Real Estate make is very Pitchfolk-approved right now. But for Matthew Mondanile to have reached his third (!) album by playing the kind of spindly, semi ideas that make up ‘Arcade Dynamics’ you have to applaud the audacity of the 22-year old and stand agog at the stupidity of everyone else. What makes this album so frustrating isn’t simply its mono level of focus, akin to that of a toddler with alzheimer’s, but rather that it fleetingly proves Mondanile to potentially be a master of warmly hallucinogenic back-porch folk pop. It’s a real shame that ‘being lo-fi’ has taken precedence over realising greatness.

By John Carter

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