Soft, slow, sombre… welcome to The Moondoggies world. It’s not full of fire eaters and dwarves offering illegal delights on silver platters, that’s for sure. It’s delicate, melancholic and honed.‘Tidelands’, the Seattle sons’ second record, has a Band of Horses relaxed presence running throughout; so relaxed that by mid way my eyelids were heavy and I’d forgotten what I’d started listening to. It’s not going to set your world alight (see previous fire eaters), but if leisurely country is your thing, then let the unfortunately named band into your life. ‘What Took So Long’’s harmonies echo The Coral and ‘Lead Me On’ borders on Richard Ashcroft indie vocals, but that’s about as much spice as the four-piece are going to give you. Think plaid shirts, ironic cowboy boots and sombre smiles. Very, very sombre.

By Laura Davies

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