Saccharine but covered in static, Ringo Deathstarr’s vocals often creep through a fog of dry-ice like She and Him getting loaded with Jesus and Mary Chain, while ‘So High’ dips headlong into dreamy bubblegum pop. It makes for a sweetly gothic listen on this, their debut album.

With the popularity of Belle and Sebastian’s curated festival Bowlie 2, and the resurgence of bands like The Vaselines, shoegaze has been having its second bite at the cherry for over a year now and Texans Ringo Deathstarr are convincing new gorgers at the feast, hitting the nail on the head with ‘Kaleidoscope’ (a perfect two-minute slice of distortion that craves endless repeats) and ‘Other Things’ (which is more like Telepathe set to crunking beats). It’s scrappy and far from perfect, but ‘Colour Trip’ will be essential listening by the summer.

By Kate Parkin

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