Sea of Bees surfaced from the mind of artistic loner Julie Ann ‘Bee’ Baezinger, whose hazy, mellow style is inspired by Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle and vocal songstresses Mountain Man. Cutesy titles like ‘Gnomes’ and ‘Wizbot’ belie the depth and sensitivity of her voice on ‘Songs For The Ravens’, softly enveloping the ears, and with a country twang and a wicked way with a big chorus, comparisons to fellow limelight-dodger Cat Power are thoroughly justified. The Cali girl can seem lost at times though, wandering dreamily until ‘Marmalade’ delivers a much needed melodic punch. At once, bleak and starkly beautiful, ‘Strikefoot’ then delivers a sharp, longing intake of breath, but it’s her hopeless naivety about the wider world that makes Sea of Bees so easy to fall for. Come next year she’ll be poised to fly.

By Kate Parkin

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