Swedish quintet Those Dancing Days are like a sweeter Girls Aloud who play guitars. By that, I mean their second album, ‘Daydreams and Nightmares’, is full of the kind of high-end chart pop that could easily have ‘real music boffs’ proudly claiming to be fans… and there are five of them. And like Girls Aloud, pop-rocker Kelly Clarkson or Pink (who singer Linnea occasionally sounds like, which at least means she’s deepened her nasal wail that made the band’s adolescent debut ultimately grating) this album has some tracks that are a country mile better than others. There are ‘Sounds of The Underground’s (the uncharacteristically bolshy ‘Fuckaris’, the synth dappled ‘Can’t Find Entrance’) and there are forgettable album fillers (‘Dream About Me’, ‘Forest of Love’). Unlike real factory-line pop, TDD’s ratio of good tracks to dull is 60/40 in their favour.

By Sam Little

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