You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve heard this record before. That’s not to say Toro Y Moi’s second LP is one of those replica sophomore albums (although the musical progression here is certainly more subtle shift than drastic clang), but simply that much of its sleepily lustful, featherlite wash is so wonderfully evocative of a bygone era that it leaves you convinced it must be the product of some misremembered past. It’s not all hypnagogic haze though – ‘New Beat’ is delicious disco straight from Chic’s playbook, and ‘Still Sound’’s organ stabs and understated drums perfectly underpin the Brian Wilson-esque melancholy of the vocal. But as a whole, ‘Underneath The Pine’ is a faded shoebox photograph of a record: ghostly and endlessly intriguing, sure, but without the accompanying detail or explanation to put it in context it’s also slightly insubstantial.

By Sam Walton

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