This is where we’re meant to stick it to White Lies for being a successful, mainstream band trading on the good name of indie and, more accurately, the deep, gloom croon of Ian Curtis. But we’re not going to do that because a.) nothing is going to stop ‘Rituals’ from being a big fat hit next year, and b.) the trio’s second album – produced by Alan Moulder – is quite deserved of being a big fat hit. A track like ‘Strangers’ certainly won’t earn the White Lies Top Trumps card any much needed credibility points, because it sounds exactly like The Killers made it after listening to Editors, but ‘Bigger Than Us’ executes the brooding verse/epic chorus formula exceedingly well. So does the baggy ‘Is Love’, while Klaxons could currently do with the cosmic, harmony-happy ‘Peace & Quiet’. Very White Lies and, to be fair, very good.

By Danny Canter

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