Oh yes, very funny. You blurted out “cock”, didn’t you? Me too. But while Colourmusic’s debut album appears to have been named by The Bloodhound Gang, it’s one serious sonic adventure, dramatically focused and open to any anti-ambient influences that pass its black hole. It’s a noisy new rock record, but a controlled one also, made up of weightless psych vocals, blues guitar fuzz and a recurring seductive funk groove, which arrives with ‘Feels Good To Wear’. There are bits of Yeasayer playfulness in there too (especially on the happy clappy ‘We Shall Wish (Use Your Adult Voice)’) and a certain amount of Radiohead gloom. And while there really is no need for the Led Zep indulgence of a track like the ten-minute-long ‘The Little Death (in Five Parts)’, ‘My______is Pink’ is largely a thrillingly loud and experimental guitar record.

By Danny Canter

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