Cut Copy’s third album is what you’d call an epic dance record. And that’s epic in every sense. The songs are particularly lengthy, more often than not breaching the five-minute mark, and in the case of the closing ‘Sun God’ you can times that average running time by three. There’s a notable panoramic view of the world too, with every shimmering refrain and breakdown suggesting that the whole record was laid to tape at dusk in the Mojave Desert. But it’s in its classic disco rhythms (or lack there of) where ‘Zonoscope’ differs most from the band’s 2009 album ‘In Ghost Colours’. They’re in place for ‘Take Me Over’ and ‘Pharaohs And Pyramids’ but most of what you’ll find here is ambient and discreet in its compositions. It makes ‘Zonoscope’ a record for post-club listeners rather than Cut Copy party fans of two years back, but who wants the same LP twice?

By Tom Goodwyn

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