The second album by London trio Erland and the Carnival has a range of influences concreted in the years preceding 1977. Recorded on a creaky canal barge on the banks of the River Thames, it channels early Pink Floyd and other such proginess with some ‘Sgt. Pepper’-era Beatles and a decidedly folky take on Fleetwood Mac thrown in. If you overlook the game of spot the influence (which the album has you instinctively playing from fade in to fade out) it’s certainly passable, and even gets off to a decent start with the rollicking and slightly demented ‘So Tired In The Morning.’ Trouble is, when you start off at such a furious pace you have to take it gently, whereas Simon Tong and Co. decide to do an emergency stop and spend the rest of the album dishing up stodgy folk songs.  It’s not terrible, but not worth repeated listens either.

By Tom Goodwyn

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