Grouplove are here to put a smile on your face. They’re from California, see? And that’s what Californians do. This debut mini album starts with slow-burner ‘Colours’, but its soft lullabies soon meet a tougher – yet wholly indie-pop – sound head on. ‘Naked Kids’ takes us on a laid-back surfer trip that keeps that puss grinning, even if “cruising down the highway with my friends, top down, and we’re all on our way to the beach,” just brings on a bout of weather envy. Still, “Dodging tramps on Shoreditch High Street with my drunk mates… we’re all on our way to the kebabby” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. ‘Getaway Car’ nearly changes the upbeat vibe as English bassist Sean snatches the mic along with the band’s female force, Hannah, but her Moldy Peaches vocals hardly make for a gritty, real listen. Grouplove are clearly just happy folk. Yuck.

By Laura Davies

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