Considering the fact that band leader Hunx – a.k.a. Seth Bogart – was once of electro-punks Gravy Train!!!! and may now be typecast as a flamboyant male that is unafraid to upset a few people when required, it should be safe to jump to the conclusion that what will be contained here will not necessarily toe the line. Yet this isn’t a fully balls out, low-brow testosterone fuelled record that is intent on strutting round in ripped denim, viciously spitting hepatitis-ridden phlegm into a few faces either. Instead some will describe it as a laissez-faire version of The Strokes, who have been wined and dined on the lyrics of Lou Reed and have bridled themselves with a penchant for girl and garage groups of the sixties and feels no shame for it. Though this record never reaches top gear, it is happy enough to cruise comfortably along… looking for sex.

By Nathan Westley

Originally published in issue 26 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. March 2011

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