German architect Ludwig Mies always said that ‘less is more’ and since then minimalism has played a huge part in our lives, from phones to cars and the food we eat. Why make dinner when you can microwave it? Why not combine your phone, music player and camera? Why use six guitar strings when three will do? On their debut LP, brothers Jamin and Jake Orrall have proved that with a stripped down drum kit and an even more stripped down guitar, you can make one incredible racket. Single ‘You Got the Look’ is a fast, in-your-face, catchy-as-hell number that moulds quickly into the fuzzed-up ballad of ‘The Tropics’, then rolls into the soprano coos of ‘Bone Jam’. There’s so much going on, from Sonic Youth-y soundscapes to Sabbath-esque riffs that you’ll be hard-pushed to find it anything but gripping. This Tennessee twosome may go about things a little less than normal, but their tunes aren’t half morish.

By DK Goldstein

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