A Norwegian friend told me once, rather emphatically, that, “Finland sucks”. This was before they’d heard Le Corps Mince de Francoise, a trio from Helsinki that specialises in a hyperkinetic brand of electro pop so in your face it makes Lady Gaga seem like a wallflower. After perking up the ears of blog-perusing music nerds a few years ago (with the messy anthem ‘Cool and Bored’), their debut album comes packed with outrageously cheesy tropical guitars, life and party-affirming lyrics, and hooks the size of Britain’s budget deficit – ‘Hard Smile’, for example, is a bootleg pop hit worthy of Passion Pit. There are echoes of other international hipster crews like CSS and Crystal Fighters (the accented English, the rave-influenced synths), but the sound that LCMdF have created on this album is thoroughly their own. Suck on this, Norway.

By Matthias Scherer

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