The meandering, moody jams and ominous drones that have punctuated many of Sonic Youth’s best songs seem perfectly suited for films, so it seems bizarre that ‘Simon Werner A Disparu’, the band’s reworked score for the French thriller of the same name, is only their second ever full soundtrack. A lot less freeform than some of the mangled experiments that have also been released on the band’s own SYR label, this instrumental album of flighty riffs and droning textures is less noisy and more atmospheric than you would expect. Standout tracks like ‘Les Anges Au Piano’ and ‘Theme D’Alice’ evoke the more sinuous jams on ‘A Thousand Leaves’, while Kim Gordon’s echoed, magisterial harmonics throughout suggest ‘Massage The History’ from 2009’s ‘The Eternal’. As an added bonus for the Uber fan, with its frequent use of piano, ‘Simon Werner A Disparu’ hints at what the band’s long-lost piano album (yes, it honestly nearly happened) would have sounded like. Thrilling.

By Tom Pinnock

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