People of the good, Christian, free world, lock up your daughters… preferably to an inverted cross in the garden and come and worship at the alter of Witch House: the most perfectly named sub-genre possibly ever. Why ‘Witch House’ is so brilliant is because – as its macabre pioneers Salem proved last year – there is something strikingly supernatural about this brand of electronic music that lays industrial, otherworldly drones and static twitches over slo-mo hip hop beats and mutters. ‘Misery Walk’ by †‡† (pronounced ‘Ritualzz’ ) particularly sinks into your grey matter on this comp, while it’s the subliminal whispers of White Ring that are most likely to take the wrap for the next US high school shooting. And while it’s not for everyone – and it’s certainly not for every hour of the day – when you want to succumb to the occult there’s nothing like it.

By Stuart Stubbs

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