Three records in and Vivian Girls’ blurry, sun-struck girly-pop jams still sound as fresh as they always did. ‘Share the Joy’ might actually be their most straightforward work to date, reigning in the songs back into chunky, blared-out ideas more than anything else. ‘Dance (If You Wanna)’ shouts “Dance, if you wanna” for a solid three minutes with clap-along drums and high-treble guitars colouring its primordial jaunt. The centrepiece ‘Take It As It Comes’ accelerates their penchant for Brill Building pop to its ultimate conclusion; a saga of winning over a high-school heartthrob with your brain rather than emotions, equipped with a swinging, easy chorus, punctuating hilariously canned line-readings. But mostly this is just another strong effort of acid-eaten pop-punk from a group that’s stayed surprisingly prevalent in the years since inception. If Vivian Girls keep doing what they do, we’ll be listening for a long time.

By Luke Winkie

Originally published in issue 26 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. March 2011

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