It’s strikingly apparent what this record wants to be, but what it aims for and what it delivers are two varying things. It’s a sloshing about of influences that are sometimes apparent to the point of emulation. At times it feels like it’s intentionally ‘quirky’ or ‘odd’ as though it’s something that can be constructed, instead of exuded. The moments of sonic intrigue (and there are some) are quickly dissolved by the rampant lashings of manic synths and abrasive sounds that do nothing but alienate the listener. The album succeeds when it’s not trying so hard and when it’s at its meekest and most restrained. It’s the balancing of the album that suffers here, not necessarily the songs. It seems in an attempt to create a musical persona; it often overshadows the most interesting aspect in the first place – its personality.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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