How do you like to post-rock? Do you use it as a grandiose yet wordless soundtrack whilst reading a book? Do you pump it through headphones to add a filmic quality to a walk through the park? Or do you simply turn it up loud, and immerse yourself in its ear-bleeding, mind-blasting majesty? On this, their sixth album, the usual EITS motifs are all present and correct: huge, pounding drums, crashing waves of squally guitar, and delicately constructed passages of quiet restraint. But from the beautifully fragile opening of ‘Be Comfortable, Creature’ to the intriguing layers of ‘Let Me Back In’, this music is far above the usual quiet / loud formula of the genre. For EITS this is essentially more of the same, but when that ‘same’ is as consistently good as this, the band stand tall as masters of their craft.

By Chris Watkeys

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