A self-titled singer-songwriter album usually gives clear indication that what is contained within is more than likely standard MOR Tesco shelf dwelling fare.

Yet from the soulful Whitey-esque vibes of album opener ‘Beta’ it becomes instantly clear that James Pants, who has previously won praise from Flying Lotus and Erol Alkan, while also being cited as being a major influence on main Odd Future beatmaster Tyler The Creator is more than happy to sit on the outside of convention. By taking a kaleidoscopic approach to song creation, he has formed a varied album that switches from sounding like a restrained LOTP on ‘Every Night I Dream’ to a spirited version of experimental electro-renegades Add N to (X) for ‘Strange Girl’ via the flouncing eighties style bass sounds and vocal echoes of ‘A little bit Closer’ which recall David Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’ phase. This album is certainly not pants.  

By Nathan Westley

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