Jamie Woon’s career so far has seen him produced by Burial and remixed by Ramadanman, which should have him tagged as a hardened UK Bass snob straight outta Croydon. But then again, he’s also a product of the BRIT School: the pop factory that provided the UK’s bored housewives with the likes of Kate Nash and Adele. It’s a schizophrenic existence to say the least, and perhaps goes some way to explaining the inconsistency of ‘Mirrorwriting’, an album that veers from foundation-shaking RnB (opener ‘Night Air’) to the kind of anodyne white funk that would shame Blue (‘Shoulda’), back to super futuristic New Jack Swing (‘Spirits’) and finally to an impersonation of Will Young in The Live Lounge (the tepid closer ‘Waterfront’).

Woon boasts that “at least four” of the tracks here are about going for a walk, and while there’s clearly the aspiration to capture the dreamy bucolic wonder of a stroll in the country, the general outcome, amongst the gloriously modern soul and the sorely misjudged cheese, is a bit bland.

By Sam Walton

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