Calling all vintage American indie nerds: after a break of almost two decades, New Jersey underground rockers The Feelies have re-formed their 1986 line-up and are set to release a brand new album of original material. The appropriately named ‘Here Before’ draws together the different styles the band (and its various offshoots) have explored over the years. The album blends mellow acoustic guitars with their more aggressive electric cousins, ambling between almost whimsical indie and more up-tempo, post-punk-tinged tracks with confidence, ease, and a strangely wide-eyed quality one would hardly expect from a band whose heyday was some time before most of us (sorry, over-thirty people) were born. The general ambience is bright, melodic, and slightly geeky, and you can tell someone in the group still listens to the Velvet Underground. Time has been good to these guys – betcha they all sleep in Tupperware.

By Polly Rappaport

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