Adding melting electro loops to their usual swelling soundscapes, Leeds sonic powerhouses Vessels are back as a leaner, meaner, instrumentally assaulting machine. ‘Helioscope’ is the band’s second album, and it’s not for those enamoured with stadium-friendly choruses, namely because there aren’t really any choruses at all, even if the building Biffy Clyro-esque guitars constantly promise otherwise. Largely, the instruments do the talking, flooding your ears with heady drumbeats, like on ‘Later Than You Think’ and the opening post-rock-dance track ‘Monoform’ that smacks of Holy Fuck. Occasionally creating an added delicacy, the melancholy swoon of guest singer Stuart Warwick is then the perfect foil for their sometimes heavy-handed sound. This could be Vessels breakthrough album and it’s their most exciting to date.

By Kate Parkin

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