Florida duo ANR – or Brian Robertson and Michael Hancock – have spent the last three years playing remixer to the likes of Kele, Hercules & Love Affair and The Naked And Famous. They like to ladle on layers of funk and fuzz to every track they’re handed by other artists, and they take the same approach when making their own compositions. Smouldering grooves are taken, and instead of being made into slick renditions, they’re rubbed with sandpaper and seemingly recorded on cassette. ‘Holes’ is Prince meets Dinosaur Jr, while the title track sounds like a Parliament that’s been handed to Sonic Youth. Initially, it’s interesting and intriguing rather than arresting and gripping, but ‘Stay Kids’ grows on you quickly with repeated listens. It’s well worth the time and effort. Maybe it’s time they stopped mucking around with other peoples’ songs.

By Tom Goodwyn

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