Tell your local record store that you’re after the new record by Japanese noise band Boris and you might get something very different to ‘Heavy Rocks’. They’re releasing two albums on the same day, see? And ‘Attention Please’ (the other one) is an uncharacteristically ethereal shoegaze record, which is also a bit crap. Don’t just ask for ‘Heavy Rocks’ either, or describe the artwork – the band released an album of the same name in 2002, with a sleeve that would be identical if this one was orange too. Ask for ‘Heavy Rocks’ 2011, and check it’s purple. Then take it home to see if it “redefines ‘heavy’ music”, as the band hope it does. It doesn’t. ‘Heavy Rocks’ remains a hard record though, and one that is far from mindless. It’s clever, stringently controlled psychedelic noise when the band are in full flight. It’s just that they aren’t often enough.

By Sean Denning

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