The opening few minutes of ‘Eye Contact’  seem distinctly more laid back than much of Gang Gang Dance’s last experiemental dance album, 2008’s ‘Saint Dymphana’ – ‘Glass Jar’ is seemingly a fusion of ambient and post-rock, its synths washing back and forth, lapping gently at the ears. But then the pace picks up, the indistinct vocals drop in, and it’s business as usual for this experienced Brooklyn collective. Litigation fans will recall that it was from GGD’s ‘House Jam’ that Florence Welch pinched large chunks of ‘Rabbit Heart’, but our Flo will find little of worth pilfering here. While high point ‘Adult Goth’ scores with its dramatic, sci-fi vibe, there are more frequent passages – like ‘Sacer’’s dull and meandering synth-wibble – that aren’t a million miles from ambient bores Zero 7. Though intelligent and well crafted, it’s difficult to engage directly with music which, like a film score, would seem much better suited as an accompaniment to something else.

By Chris Watkeys

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