Live Review
Queen's Social Club

Mazes debut record is an album that bubbles with youthful spunk and is riddled with infectious hooks. Tonight, thankfully they exude gusto and snarl to match that output of that record, ‘A Thousand Heys’.  There is a loose, rickety exuberance to the band that keeps things exciting tonight, as though they are playing with a sense of spontaneity that could lead them anywhere. However, underneath the apparent impulsiveness lies some pretty tight compositions and flush musicianship that give the band an attractive balance of ramshackle charm and precision pop. As a three piece they concoct a racket that would normally be more associated with five people playing together, and because ‘A Thousand Heys’ is an album rammed with pop-smattered songs, tonight’s set feels like a greatest hits of sorts; as though we are witnessing a band playing over a series of records instead of just drawing from the one.

The infective nature of their debut seems to have spread too, as about three hours later I encounter a drunken man walking home alone mumbling something about “Beatles and JFK” (lyrics from ‘Surf & Turf’). He looks at me, “Hey mate, what was the name of the first band on tonight?” “Mazes” I reply, as he falls into the gutter and off into the night with a slurred “Cheers”.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

Originally published in issue 28 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. May 2011